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Margherita Piccardo was born in Varazze, on 21st July 1955. She started painting as a child, followed by her loving father, who was a painter himself. After finishing fine art high school, she got her degree at Genoa University in Italian Literature with a specialization in History of Art. She also got a diploma of archaeologic ceramic restoration, and, at the same time she started working as an artist, participating to various collective exhibitions. She focused her artistic research on the study of ceramic sculpting, creating essential and archaic forms. Through  a long and personal experimental research, she studied high-temperature cooking techniques, primitive clays and natural enamels. In 1982 her life changed for her first-born son Fabio's birth. A deep and positive experience which influenced her approach to life. In 1995, she met calligraphy Maestro Norio Nagayama and she entered the fascinating world of Shodo, the Japanese Calligraphy, obtaining 2nd Dan degree. This experience had an incredible impact on her artistic path, revolutioning her approach to artistic work. This led her painting to blend with sculpture, enacting a dialogue and a stimulating simbiotic relationship. From 2005 on, she spent some periods in Japan, to study calligraphy and ceramic sculpting, coming back to Italy at times, to work in her atelier in Varazze. 

She had personal exhibitions in Milan, Turin, Genoa, Athens; she also participated to several collective exhibitions and to workshops on wooden and stone sculpture. In 2010 she met Belgian sculptor Serge Van de Put, with whom she currently has a sentimental relationship and they share an Atelier in Venezia Marghera.

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